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Welcome to the Life Unfiltered Presale Page!

Ignite your journey towards empowerment and transformation with our exclusive offer. Secure your spot at a discounted rate and commit to a life-changing experience.

Launching July 15th, our 5-week digital workshop is designed to empower you through daily tasks, weekly sessions, and a listening library filled with inspiration.

Don't miss this chance to join our vibrant community and experience a journey of self-discovery like never before. Reserve your spot today at the discounted rate and unlock your full potential!

See you on July 15th!

Take the First Step to a New You: Align with Your Goals and Commitment to Self-Discovery Today!

  • Life Unfiltered: 5-Week Transformation

    Transform your life in 5 weeks! Join our virtual Life Unfiltered Workshop for empowerment & change through meditation, self-care, and more
    • Daily Meditations & Manifestations Exercises
    • Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts
    • Live & Recorded Sessions
    • Exclusive Community Access
  • Empowerment Photoshoot & Workshop

    Embrace Your Beauty, Strength, and Resilience
    • Professional Photoshoot: Enjoy a magazine-style session
    • Professional hair, makeup, and personal styling
    • Two Stunning Images
    • Life Unfiltered 5-Week Digital Empowerment Workshop
    • Personal Consultation

Class Launches July 15th!

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