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The Life Unfiltered Program is a unique 5-week digital experience designed to help you transform your life and mindset through a blend of daily tasks and weekly recorded content focused on meditation, manifestation, self-care, journaling, and movement. Led by experienced facilitator Jeanette, participants engage in daily tasks and weekly content to foster empowerment and transformation.

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Are you struggling with feeling out of touch with your true self, lacking confidence in your abilities, and yearning for a supportive community that understands and uplifts you, regardless of gender?

We have a solution:

The Life Unfiltered Program

A 5-week digital program designed to transform your life and mindset through daily tasks and weekly content focused on meditation, manifestation, self-care, journaling, and movement. Led by experienced facilitator Jeanette, this workshop provides a nurturing space for individuals of all genders to reconnect with their authentic selves, build confidence, and thrive in a supportive community.

What You’ll Receive in Our 5-Week Program:

  1. Daily Meditation and Manifestation Practices:

    • Meditation: 5 meditation tracks per week (under 10 minutes each) to cultivate peace, clarity, and mindfulness.

    • Manifestation: 5 short manifestation exercises per week to help you attract positivity and achieve your goals.

  2. Weekly Journaling Prompts:

    • Thought-provoking prompts for self-reflection and personal growth.

  3. Weekly Confidence and Self-Love Challenges:

    • Engaging activities designed to build confidence and enhance self-love.

  4. Weekly Self-Care and Movement Videos:

    • Practical self-care routines and fun movement exercises to nurture your well-being and boost your confidence.

  5. Private Online Community Forum:

    • Connect with fellow members, share experiences, and receive support in a focused and engaging space.

  6. Weekly Live Zoom Sessions (during the initial launch):

    • Participate in live sessions every Thursday, recorded for later access.


Program Structure:

  • Daily Content: Engage with a short meditation and manifestation practice each day.

  • Weekly Downloads: At the start of each week, download your journal prompts and challenges.

  • Weekly Videos: Follow along with self-care and movement videos.

  • Community Support: Join the private forum to ask questions, share progress, and stay motivated.

This structured yet flexible approach ensures you receive immense value without feeling overwhelmed, making your transformation journey enjoyable and manageable.

Week 1: Discovering Your Authentic Self

  • Embrace your unique identity with confidence and clarity.


Week 2: Building Confidence from Within

  • Cultivate inner strength to face any challenge with self-assuredness.


Week 3: Cultivating Positivity and Resilience

  • Harness positive thinking and build resilience for life's ups and downs.


Week 4: Embracing Self-Love and Compassion

  • Deepen self-love and extend compassion to yourself and others.


Week 5: Sustaining and Thriving in Your Authenticity and Growth

  • Master living authentically and maintain personal growth for a fulfilling life.

FAQs for Life Unfiltered Program

What is the Life Unfiltered Program?

A 5-week digital program for life and mindset transformation through daily and weekly content focusing on meditation, manifestation, self-care, journaling, and movement.


What makes this program different?

It blends meditation, manifestation, self-care, journaling, and movement into a structured yet flexible routine, led by experienced facilitator Jeanette, and includes a supportive community forum.


What will I receive?

5 meditation tracks per week

5 manifestation practices per week

Weekly journal prompts

Weekly confidence and self-love challenges

Weekly self-care and movement videos

Access to a private online community forum

Weekly live Zoom sessions (recorded for later access)


How is the content delivered?

Weekly uploads of daily meditations and manifestations, plus a journal prompt and challenge each week, ensure a structured yet flexible schedule.

How much time will I need each day?

About 20-30 minutes daily, with additional 30-60 minutes weekly for videos and challenges.

What if I miss the live Zoom sessions?

Sessions are recorded and available for later viewing.


Is the program suitable for beginners?

Yes, it's designed for all levels, no prior experience necessary.


What if I have health concerns?

Consult your doctor before starting. Choose activities that feel right for you.


How do I access the private community forum?

You will receive an invite at the start of the workshop.


What if I fall behind?

The program is flexible. Catch up at your own pace, with all content accessible during the 5 weeks.


How can I get support?

Reach out via email or the online forum for assistance.


How do I get started?

Sign up on our website. You’ll receive access instructions and the first week's content on the start date.


What are the benefits?

Gain self-awareness, confidence, positivity, resilience, self-love, and compassion in a supportive environment.


No Refund Policy

  • Due to the short duration and immediate access to resources, we have a no refund policy. Please review details before enrolling. We provide full support throughout your journey.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to help you make the most of your Life Unfiltered Program experience!

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